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The cave is located near Ürünlü Village, 7 km from Ibradi Village in Akseki - Antalya. From Antalya to Ibradi you can go through highway. The way between Ibradi and Ürünlü is stabilized. You can also arrive to cave by a 5 km. away from village to Manavgat River.

The water which comes from Büyükdüden, Oruçdüdeni and Feyzullah Düdeni is discharged to Manavgat River by Altinbesik Cave. The examined part of cave is 2200 m. The cave begins with a lake from the entrance. The lake's length is 125 m. The depth of cave reaches 15 m. in some parts. In the mid part of lake there is a natural bridge. First lake ends at the nearly vertical travertine barrier which has 44 m. height. There are also 2 lakes on the travertine. After the travertene the cave goes with 3 branches and the active branch was examined up to a hole of 8 m. height. The cave was covered with travertene and fissures completely, except the fossil branch. Main conduit is supposed be at the end of first lake.



The sinkhole is located at the southwest margin of Akseki Pole. It could be reached by the Pathway from the fourth km. of Akseki - Bucakkisla main road. The sinkhole has many lakes and it ends with a siphon. Total depth of the cave is -155 mt



It is at the near vicinity of Cevizli town which is located on Beysehir - Akseki road. It was the deepest cave of Turkey until 1989 (-300m). Water spring seasons



It is possible to reach Kocain Cave by Karatas - Camiliköy - Ahirtas Village road which is branched from Burdur-Antalya highway at least 20 km away from Antalya city. The cave is on the 45 km. north of Antalya at Indag Mountain. It is a huge chamber (600 m in length. 50-60 m in height). The entrance diameter of the cave is 35x70 m. Kocain Cave has also prehistorically traces from Roman times.



Biyikli is one of the biggest sinkhole in Turkey. It is to the Biyikli Village at 30km north of Antalya city.

The water which sinks in Biyikli, emerges the from Kirkgöz springs located at 2.5km northwest of sinkhole. The water sink in the siphon is remerges from Varsak doline which is located 15km southeast.



The cave is located at the neighborhood of Oymapinar Dam on Manavgat river. It is found by coincidence in the gallery excavations. The cave is active and has a total length of 7 km. It is the largest known cave in Turkey which is formed in conglomerate.



Molla Deligi cave is located at the eastern Side of Tahtali Mountain (West of Kemer Town). Cave includes several horizontal passages. There is a siphon at the end of main passage. The other passages are narrow. Total length of the cave is 549 m. It is an active cave in wet seasons due to water level fluctuations.



Ayvaini is located at the vicinity of Ayva Village (Bursa). It is an active river cave. It is possible to enter the cave from Doganalan entrance with -17km descend and exit from another point which is at 1 km southwest. of Ayva Village. The cave includes many lakes, in spite of increasing water it can be passed even at spring time.



It is situated at the 11km. west of the Yenisarbademli town of Isparta. It can be reached through Yenisarbademli or Egirdir - Yenice.

It is now the longest cave of Turkey with its length of 12 km. which was reached in 1991. It is one of the most important caves the world its height exceeding +60 m. (survey is not completed) It has active passages and cascades. Water temperature is extremely low (+4 -5 C).



Incesu cave system is situated at 7 km. south of Taskale town 45 km. far from Karaman province in southeast direction. The site is reachable by all means of transportation facilities. The system is formed by two continuous separate caves. The horizontally extending caves are richfull with stalactive and stalagmite formations. One can follow an underground river in wet seasons from Incesu cave (1356 m.) to Asarini cave (750 m.) despite it has been closed by collapsed blocks.



Hislayik Cave is in Ayranci town of Karaman city. It is descended to an underground river with a 26m pit. The cave is separated to the two side to left and right. Each passage is starting with the siphon and continues with siphons. The exploration of this cave continues. Total length of the cave is 260m till the 1990.



The cave is situated in Sarpunalinca quarter of Senlik Village of Devrekani near Küre District of Kastamonu Province. It is reached through Küre - Sarpunalinca forest road.

The cave drain water accumulated in Sarpunalinca district. The cave is totally horizontal and has a length of 662 m. An underground stream passes through the cave along a joint plane. It has a nice camp site near entrance.



The cave is located in Derebucak village borders in Cide - Kastamonu. Once can reach the cave by walking approximately 5 hours from Derebucak to the NE direction.

The total length is 860m. and depth is -250m. The cave has two parts: horizontal part is fossil and the vertical part is active. Water cisterns and leftovers of houses from Roman - Byzantium period can be found at the entrance of cave. Also you can find a way, which is established from 24 spiral and covered with hand made stone, at the beginning of vertical part. By taking this way, one can reach a pit whose depth is 52m. and diameter is 30m. After this you can reach a siphon whose floor is covered with travertine and very nice formations look like chandelier.

It is hard to access to some branches because of their elevations from main passage. In these parts ornamentations are protected up to today. The technical equipment is required in the vertical part.



The cave is located at 5-6 km SW of Sarpdere Village of Demirköy, Kirklareli. One can arrive at cave with jeep or tractor.

The cave has 3 entrances. The total length is 3200 m. The first 1000m. from the entrance is active. The fountain originated from the cave, is establishing Rezve River. This river is also the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. One of the entrance is Dupnisa Dolin entrance. The second entrance is dry cave. Dry cave begins with two different entrances one of them is 363m and the other one is 456m. The third entrance called Kiz Cave and begins with a slope of 60 degree. The side branches of cave is fossil and the main system is active. In the cave there is a hole which has dimensions 150x60m.



The cave is located with in the borders of Çamlik Village and Derebucak district in Beysehir - Konya you can arrive at cave by stabilized way, branched from 45 km of Konya - Beysehir - Üzümlü - Manavgat. The cave is situated 5 km far from Çamlik and 6 km from Derebucak. It is also 3 km northwest of Körükini and Suluin caves.

Total length of cave is 1830m. and has two entrance from düden and fountain. The entrance, which is closer to the way, draws the water of little uvala and run down 2km south, from a cracked valley border, slope of Uzunsu river side. Balatini Cave is developed from two different levels, are an top of the other. The fossil branch surface of upper level is completely covered with cave clay and ended with the statue Room filled with the little statues made by the visitors. The lower level is the main gallery which contains the water. You can go through the gallery by foot when the level of water decreases. The three small pool, can be, passed by transition technique or by boat. The Statue Room and the natural rock sculptures are worth to be seen.



The cave is located 500m south-west of Çamlik Village in Beysehir-Konya. It can be arrived by stabilized way.

The total length of cave is 1250m. and Uzunsu River is passing from inside of Körükini Cave after leaving the cave Uzunsu River pass from Degirmen Valley and reaches to Degirmenini Cave. The cave is completely active so that to pass the river, especially the parts where is waterfalls between rock blocks, and to use boat needs experimentation. Summer and autumn is more advisable to enter the cave. In spring, it may be dangerous because of water and siphons.



The cave is located 500m. south-west of Çamlik Village in Beysehir-Konya. It can be arrived by stabilized way.

After leaving the Körükini Cave, Uzunsu River pass from Degirmen Valley, whose length is 100m, and reaches to Degirmenini Cave. The river, passes between huge rock blocks occurring waterfalls while the cave goes as very wide and high gallery and after 150m. it reaches to Büyük Lake. It goes 150m. with lake and then with an entrance which has a height of 30m., the cave reaches to earth. The depth of lake is high and can be passed by boat easily.



It is near to Seydisehir Town of Konya City. The cave could be reached through Seydisehir, Süleymaniye Village and Mortas road. It is a vertical cave which has 303m. total depth.



The cave is at Susuz Village which is between Seydisehir-Mortas. This active cave has two entrance which are a narrow horizontal hole and vertical (-60m) pit. Its length is 2000m. The cave need boat through the all seasons. Especially in the spring it could be dangerous to pass without experience in active caves.

On the camp side, it is difficult to find the water. That's why it is advised to bring extra water from Susuz Village.



One can reach to cave from Konya-Beysehir-Seydisehir through the Mortas Aluminium Company. The total length is 1650m. and depth is 65m. it is located south-west slope of Tinaztepe. The cave is developed from two parts fossil and active. If one will go to fossil part in spring, have to pass 5 lakes by boat. In autumn the level of water decreases so that the same gallery can be passed by foot. After the last lake the cave reaches to Great Hall with a descend of 30m. This hall is ended with a lake.


Tinaztepe Sinkhole is located beneath the Tinaztepe Cave. The total length of sinkhole is 1550m. and depth is -150m. The water falls down to düden during the year. With a vertical pits of 20m. one can enter the cave from the side of waterfall.


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